Miller Cycle

Welcome to Miller Cycle

Serving Utah since 1978, with over 50 years of factory-trained motorcycle (street & dirt) and scooter repair experience. Experience counts. It takes less time (and less money) when you already know what's wrong and the best and most efficient way to fix the problem. I don't need to experiment and waste time trying to find how to fix it, I have fixed it before and know what to do. I have free estimates/diagnosis. Call or come in and I'll check /ride your machine and tell you what I think is wrong and what it will cost to fix it. My specialty is older machines (because I'm old), but of course I work on newer machines also. State inspections .   Se habla español.  PHONE  801-375-4436       435 so. 500 w.  Provo


Deal with me instead of a guy who then has to explain it to other people. My philosophy is to first do meticulous work, then worry about getting paid for it. The most important thing is to do the job right, not to necessarily  do it cheapest or the fastest, but to make sure it is done right.  If I quote you one hour of labor, I'll never  go over that without calling first to get an ok from you. I keep in touch and update you as the job progresses, so there aren't any surprises about the final bill.

We're not done until you're happy.
No greasy fingerprints all over the bike when you pick it up. Every bike gets wiped down and inspected before it leaves the shop. Quality work, inspected at least  twice. I take pride in my work. All work is guaranteed!

Best for your $.
My hourly rate is $70/hour.(The cheapest in the valley, I think),but you get  the best possible work for that  rate. You might  pay less elsewhere for poor quality work, and more than likely, pay a lot more, and still get crummy, mickey-mouse work.  Bring it to MILLER CYCLE  and have it done right, at a reasonable rate.

Our Specialties

I take detailed notes of everything that is done and share those notes with you. If I find other problems with your machine, I will tell you about them, and you can decide if you want me to address them or not, but you at least now  you are aware of them.


Thinking about buying a bike or scooter? Bring it to me before you buy it and I'll check it out / ride it, at no cost. There are usually things wrong with used machines that the average person doesn't see or hear. With my 50 years of experience, I usually catch them all, and possibly save you from buying a lemon. I'm also a state inspector and will check it out to make sure it will pass inspection.


Want to fix your own bike?

Call me for free advice. I'm happy to share my vast knowledge with you to help you fix your bike yourself. Saves money and time, plus it always makes you feel good that you've learned and accomplished something new. (I myself, love to learn).